Goldfish Advertising

How many ads can you remember? How many do you think you've seen? How many did you care about; which ones made you feel something?

The first number is fairly small. The second is vast beyond belief. The third is trivially miniscule.

£18.3 billion is spent on all forms of advertising and marketing.

Of that, 4% is remembered positively, 7% is remembered negatively, and 89% isn’t noticed or remembered.

That’s roughly £17 billion lying around unable to get noticed.

Dave Trott writing in The Dept. of Chocolate Teapots

That's the problem with most advertising. Most of it makes us into goldfish - remembering your ad for as long as it's in front of us, and then forgetting it immediately afterward.

It doesn't matter how many hours you put in, if the output is so bland no-one remembers what you created.

Creating Memories

Your brand is the collected memories and emotions that person has from interacting with your company.

Your aim as marketers and advertisers is to create meaningful moments of connection with the audience. If you're not doing that, all your efforts are for naught.

There's no such thing as a digital-first strategy that has value - the only thing that works with marketing is starting with a specific audience requiring influencing to satisfy a business need, finding a creative way to address that challenge it, and then doing it.

Want increased sales in a product category? That's marketing to a group of people to encourage spending in that area.

Want lower returns? That's education, which is informing people and getting them to act differently, or as we call it, marketing.

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