Just Delight Me

Delightful: engenders the feeling of delight

Good marketing works for a single, simple reason: it is delightful. Marketers are in the business of creating delightful, emotive experiences.

Over time, the cumulative effect of those experiences builds into a perception of the brand in the mind of those observing that marketing.

Given as that marketers are employed to do this on behalf of their clients, there exists a fundamental tension: clients do not understand how to delight those they serve, whilst marketers often don't understand the business they're working for.

Marketing Without Marketing

The best marketing happens when people who understand the business in question create something so compelling that it demands appreciation. You might not like it, you might not get it, but for the audience they're aimed at, they made them feel something.

et voila:

Real Beauty Sketches


Android: Friends Furever


#LikeAGirl Unstoppable


She's always a Woman

Make Me Feel Something

All you've got to do to create something great in the world of marketing is to make someone feel something. Joy, sorrow, nostalgia, fear, longing, wonder...

Carousel scene from Mad Men

All you've got to do is make someone feel. The more you make them feel, the better you did. You're not going to do that because you built an infographic or because you made some piece of content. The medium is just a delivery mechanism. There's more appropriate ones for different stories, but fundamentally, it's all about the story.

Take me on a journey. Make me care. Sweat the details to give the most impactful experience you can.

That's great creative.

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