Content Marketing & Production

Our creative consultative work consists of two phases - research & scoping, and production & distribution. We break these into two separate areas to place clients first; by having a full research stage before we kick off the creative process, we can better understand your strategic goals as a client, and what your audiences care about. We can also evaluate whether or not we're the right consultancy to produce creative for you, or if you need someone else. You can find out more about that by reading about our messaging and comms strategy work.

Once this has been done, we move to the creative invention and production part. Our approach to creative is inspired by design thinking. We analyse what your audiences are engaging with via digital channels, with the aim of understanding what messages and content formats they wish to consume and respond to. This enables us to present you with a menu of creative messages to take to market. The chosen messages are turned into a content calendar, allowing us to think long term about the story those messages will tell, and to give time for them to take hold.

With that calendar as our guide, we then work with you to produce emotive, engaging creative content that your audience will engage with over time. We aim to produce many small, compounding returns, producing a lasting impression.

Concept Research

Using the messaging calendar, and research on creative and messages being interacted with by the target audiences, we will then present a variety of creative concepts for you to choose from. Each is designed to present a specific message to a targeted group of people. These concepts come together to form a content calendar. If the message calendar is the abstract work we aim to do, this is the concrete plan for what you'll see.


Having chosen the particular concepts to move forward with, we work with your people to produce prototypes as we move through the calendar to flesh those ideas out. We believe in prototyping over wireframes, as wireframes lack an interactive, functional nature.

We instead craft and present functional prototypes, so we can focus on the user experience of the creative work in question. We believe it's necessary to actually go through the consumer's likely interactions with a creative work to produce something truly exceptional.

Production and Polish

Now we arrive at the point where we produce final version of the creative piece, whatever that may be. Whether it's an interactive page on your site, an installation in an events space, a short story delivered via a microsite or something else again, this is the final version of any particular creative work.


Through a mix of digital PR, connecting with influencers found during the persona definitions research and paid promotion, we then bring your audience to the creative work. We track how they interact with it, evaluate how well it resonates, what changes it brings about, and refine our ongoing promotion based on that data.


The final part of our creative process, we look at what's happened over the course of the work, what outcomes we've seen as a result of it, and benchmark it against the success and failure criteria set at the start of the campaign. We then use that information to improve our work and collaboration in the future, to ensure we always work with you as effectively as possible.


If you need help with your creative work, and like working with people who think and work a little differently, talk to us.