The Perfect User Archetype Tool.

The Perfect User Archetype Tool.

We've done the hard work to build the perfect template, so you don't have to.

Think Like Your Customers

Step one of any creative work is to learn about your users and customers, so you can step into their shoes and understand what they expect, want and need. If you're going to design experiences which people love, that means having an accurate story about their goals, challenges, actions, and context. Real, observed behaviour, turned into a great document which helps you empathize with them.

Create better solutions from real understanding

Meet your new archetypes tool. Don't worry about having to drag and drop components to get something half-decent. There's no distractions here; just what you need to represent real target audience data. We've grouped the information into three areas: notes on the people the archetypes was created from, information about their observed and measured experiences, and information to build empathy.

There's no "quotes", nothing to push you to stereotype people, no funky sliders to show they're 75% in marketing, no demography fields... Nothing which doesn't give clear, precise information, or lead people to mistakenly generalize.

A persona is defined by its persona;. practical, and company-oriented goals as well as by the relationship with the product to be designed, the emotions of the persona when using the product, and the goals of the persona in using the product.

Lene Nielsen

Everything you need, nothing you don't

Whilst it might be sleek and minimal, we do have some features worth highlighting. Things like our text editor, with automatically link creation and highlighting. Create lists, format text, record quotes from user studies, and link to relevant resources.

We've also built seamless sharing functionality so you can share archetypes, user stories and journey maps, user research & prioritization and now, next, future outcome roadmapping with people who aren't on Hirundin, without them having to sign up. However, we don't have any user limits, so feel free to add as many people as you like.

Hirundin: helping you do less, but better.