Create Lasting, Valuable Customer Journey Maps.

Create Lasting, Valuable Customer Journey Maps.

Visualize and understand user journeys with our customer journey mapping software, so you only work on what matters to real people.

Create for Your Customers

Different groups of people have different experiences with your products and/or services. Customers, users, employees and people at different steps of the purchase journey all want and require different things. Through creating journey maps, you can visualize and refine the experiences people have at every point. Hirundin's customer journey mapping tools help you deliver that, by letting you build maps with text, images, channels, emotions and more.

Reusable, Living Maps

Customer journey maps exist in Hirundin as the bones of user experience data. We've built them to operate at three different levels:

  • Stories are re-usable collections of stages and steps, which detail the structure of a journey people go through when interacting with a product or service.
  • Journey maps flesh out the detail. Each map consists of different channels which show different forms of information about the relevant step.
  • Archetypes exist alongside maps, and give a different look at the goals and challenges faced. They help teams move beyond stereotypes, to build empathy by putting a story to real qualitative data.

These different levels come together to help create a common reference to build a shared understanding around different types of users.

There's no gimmicks or fancy design flourishes here - just the tools you need to gain insight into user experience over time, and visualize the factors involved.

Understand Backstage and Front-End Interactions

We've put our focus into helping you rapidly create detail-rich timelines, highlighting steps which need work. Add observations around what people think and feel and the challenges they encounter, as well as relevant information on the specific context.

Data often fails to communicate the frustrations and experiences of customers. A story can do that, and one of the best storytelling tools in business is the customer journey map.Paul Boag

Create Living Documents, Tied to Hypotheses and Insights

Journey maps too often become pretty art stuck on a wall, instead of tools to define and inform research, and log changes in experience. That's why we designed ours to be able to accommodate the research you perform, and to be living documents which evolve over time. Clone a map, log the date it's been updated at, and note down the changes observed and how they're affecting the people involved.

All You Need, Nothing You Don't

We support eight different types of lanes, to allow you to store text and images, create storyboards of images, draggable charts for emotions, and over 2,000 searchable icons. Produce richly detailed, beautiful, designer-quality maps in minutes.

We've also built seamless sharing functionality so you can share archetypes, user stories and journey maps, user research & prioritization and now, next, future outcome roadmapping with people who aren't on Hirundin, without them having to sign up. However, we don't have any user limits, so feel free to add as many people as you like.

Hirundin: helping you do less, but better.