Messaging and Comms Strategy

We believe every business should be represented in market by its outcomes and differentiators.

Our aim is always to create the best outcomes for you, and that starts with understanding exactly what you need, and to be as transparent as possible through that process. We believe that we must understand your business, how you operate, and your objectives first, before executing any creative work.

Therefore, we first audit what messages you currently put out, discuss with you how you wish to be perceived, and analyse the landscape you operate in. We then create a gap analysis contrasting your desired digital identity against how you are currently perceived online.

This allows us to form a strategy for shifting from the former to the latter, through identifying opportunities to engage with people, and by presenting you with options. We do this using the following process...

Business Architectural Analysis

A high-level breakdown of the differentiators, outcomes, processes and work of your business. This lets us understand how your business works, what it does, how it believes it presents itself to the market, and what makes it unique.

Messaging Survey

A high-level creative assessment, aimed at understanding the messages being put out both by you and your competitors, and how well those are resonating with their audiences. This broad analysis gives a framework to understand the scope of a project.

Content/Message Mapping

The content/message map is a graphical representation of content by section and message. It allows for an understanding of what messages are best represented by existing content, creative and promotion. It also gives an understanding of where brand focus is on current messaging and distribution.

Opportunities & Solutions

A detailed audit of weaknesses in the current messaging landscape, presented alongside a menu of messages designed to alter perceptions and build lasting, positive brand affinity in the minds of your consumers. These can then be prioritised to produce a messaging calendar, which forms a framework around which to produce creative works.

Persona Definition & Influencers

Persona definitions will be created to allow for effective post-campaign analyses. Our work exists to create value through interacting with groups of people; by understanding where those users are, we can more effectively target our distribution later, and understand how to measure perception as campaigns are brought online. We also research influencers and channels at this stage, to understand what effective distribution and communication with these groups looks like.

If this sounds... the kind of work you're looking for, then you should talk to us. We'd love to help.