Technical Consulting & SEO

Founded by Pete Watson-Wailes, it's no surprise that we're good at technical consulting. Considered a leading voice on crawl-friendly advanced front end technologies, his work has defined the best practice used by the industry.

We have a wealth of experience of working on websites with millions of pages, complex, multi-faceted architectures, and complex content messages and user journey paths. Our time spent analysing sites allows us to create solutions that are not just search friend, but work to enhance the user experience of sites as well, whilst also producing a map for future work to address opportunity gaps.

However, we do more than just help you create search friendly sites... We also help advise on...

Site Migrations

There's ample opportunity to get things wrong when moving anything more complex than the most simple of sites. We help clients with technical consultancy, content analysis and UX work when it comes to internationalisation and localisation, http to https, and replatforming migrations.

Site Architecture

It's not enough to simply have a site - it needs to have content that generates traffic and engages, a planned user journey with measurable success and failure criteria so it can be improved over time, and all whilst delivering an experience that's informed by ethnographic and UX research. Not all audiences are the same, and not all experiences are the same on different device interfaces. A well developed site architecture is more than a tidy tree of content; it's a complete plan for how users will experience your brand's flagship platform on the web.

Site Speed

There's no excuse nowadays for having a slow site. Reasons, yes. Excuses, no. Users increasingly simply won't put up with a website that gives them a poor experience by way of being slow. From consulting around AMP implementation and PWA-style site builds, to work helping tune up existing sites through the full stack, we work to help you and your developers to deliver a site that is as fast as it can be.

If you need...

...a helping hand with technical SEO issues, then you should get in touch. We'd love to help.