What We Do

We optimse customer experience to build brands people are glad exist

The (slightly) longer version...

We are a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations engage with digital audiences in a changing world. To do this, we offer a single service - digital customer experience design.

It All Begins with Research

At T&C, data underpins everything we do. When designing the experiences customers encounter, you need to think about the processes, requirements & perceptions they will experience throughout their interactions with your organisation.

With that in mind, our first enagement with any client is geared around understanding your organisation from the perspective of your end users throughout their interactions with you. Once we understand that, we produce a report for you detailing all the interaction points users have with you, what data is held at each point, how those touchpoints interface with the units of work and processes in your organisation. That then tells us how those interactions become outcomes for the user, and how those experiences differentiate you in market.

Messaging & Comms Strategy

Now we understand how you work from an end-user point of view, we work in partnership with you to understand how best to position your business to your consumers. We design a cohesive, flowing experience, tailored to the way your business works, built around the various needs of users when interfacing with any part of your business.

This is then applied to your digital presence, creating a strategy for messaging and communications which can inform everything from your site copy and resources to social channels and programmatic advertising.

If you want to know more about strategy work, you can read about that here.

Customer Experience Development

With the initial strategic work done, we then work with you on triaging and creating content for your digital presence. We divide up your digital assets into four categories:

  1. Fine as is
  2. Exists but needs work
  3. Exists but is no longer needed
  4. Missing and needs creating

This gives us a prioritised list of what content to optimise, what to create, and what to cull, in order to deliver on the strategy created. This could be anything from industry reports to social campaigns to rethinking how your CRM and website interact. The aim at this point is to use our skills in rapid prototyping, usability testing and content production in an iterative manner to optimise every part of each customer's journey.

If you'd like to find out this aspect of our work, you can learn more here.

Technical Consulting & SEO

The final part of our work is geared around making sure your digital presence is technically sound.

Our SEO work is detailed, thorough, complete and actionable. We're considered industry leaders in working with complex sites with challenging architectures and front-end interfaces. However, we don't just deliver a standard SEO agency style consulting solution; we prefer to pair our SEO work with our messaging and comms strategy process, to help you optimise your site architecture, learn what content gaps exist in your website, and develop an inbound digital strategy that lasts.

You can read more about our technical SEO offering here.