Strategy & Brand Management
for Digital-First Organisations

The humble tortoise. It's not the obvious choice for any situation. It isn't fast. It's not woman's or man's best friend. You can't teach a young tortoise new tricks. Yet the humble tortoise is not without merit. It's dependable. Tough. Competent. Steady. Long-lasting. That's why we like it. A good idea, executed consistently and intelligently, is unreasonably effective. Just like us.

Great marketing is the reason Nike can sell a trainer for more than a generic trainer brand. It's behind why Apple has a net profit margin around 50% higher than Samsung. Great marketing gets measured in how effectively you can affect total sales and profit margin. It's also something many digital-first organisations struggle with, as they're more at home with tactics and execution than strategy and planning. That's where we come in.

We help digital-first organisations increase profit through research-led marketing.

Marketing in the digital era is often a torrid, under-performing thing. Your customers wade through an ocean of content every day, but most leaves no trace. It has no impact, communicates nothing and persuades no-one. It's just noise, building no brand equity, and convincing no-one of anything.

Despite this, we're hopeful. We believe that great marketing can have real impact and grow businesses, whatever their industry and focus. Our work creates measurable value by managing your brand on digital channels. It's why in a field of digital hares, we're the tortoise. Steady, consistent and effective. If you'd like to create the sort of marketing which persuades people and produces profit, we'd love to meet you.

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